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Anthea Yeo

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Anthea Yeo

Anthea Yeo

CEA Registration Number:R009549H
Agency Licence Number:L3008022J
Phone Number:+659011....
Jude Teem & Associates: Our Humble, Very Hungry & Memorable Beginning
Jude Teem: Since January 2005, Jude Teem was working in Far East Plaza, doing what he believes he knows best as a tattoo artist. Every morning, he tried to be the first to reach work place so that he will be the first on the queue among fellow artists when customers walk in. When times are good, he may get a job or two. When times are bad, he can wait up to 2 to 3 days before he gets a customer. To increase his unstable income, he will forgo off days to be at work or hang around at the work place for longer hours before he calls it a day. No matter how hard he works and how much he hoped for, he could only bring home a monthly meagre income of $700 to $1400.

Anthea Yeo: In November 2004, Anthea Yeo joined the public sector as a lecturer, living her dream of moulding the future and yet enjoying the job privilege of working in the public sector such as stable income, medical benefits etc. There is definitely job satisfaction and job recognition. However, is this sufficient? Making an average income of $40k a year is not bad for a single lady who does not have financial baggage such as a house mortgage, car loan, huge medical debts or a family with children to support.
1) What happens should Jude & Anthea want to start a family?
2) Do they have to think twice and check their joint account every time they want to go for holiday or make a slightly bigger expenditure?
3) What happens when the elderly in the house needs expensive medical care?
4) Does the couple have the means to support their loved ones?

Coming together: In July 2006, Jude & Anthea decided that they should make things happen rather than wait for things to happen. They signed up with Propnex to become property agents. By becoming a property agent, both are determined to improve their quality of life.

By becoming your own boss, there are:
- No more worrying about how the bosses judge you
- No more guessing how much your yearly performance bonus and salary increment are, if there are any at all
- No more worrying about retrenchment.
- No more need for office politics

First 3 Clueless Months: Everything in the real estate business is new to the greenhorns. The first three months encompass lots of question marks, self doubt and anxiety. Yes, although the trainer has told the newbies to be prepared for zero sales for at least 6 to 12 months, no one wants to be living on his diminishing savings right?

Path to Success: Months of aimless hits and tries finally led the couple to discover their strengths and winning strategies. Prosperity and wealth followed after Jude & Anthea invested countless hours in learning the ropes and working with clients. After their success, they shared their experiences and strategies with their new associates. Presently, Jude has a dynamic team of 20 associates after a year’s focus to start his own team.

Sales Achievements:
Year 2007
- Top 150 champion producers in 1st quarter
- Top 100 individual producers in 2nd quarter
- Top 50 individual producers in 3rd quarter
- Top 30 individual producers in September
- Top 30 individual producers in November
- Top 30 individual producers in December
- 12th position in Top 50 individual producers for entire year 2007

Year 2008
- Top 30 individual producers in January
- 2nd runner up in Top 50 individual producers 1st quarter
- Top 30 individual producers in April
- Top 50 individual producers in 3rd quarter
- 15 position in individual producers category for Year 2008 – By Jude Teem
- 46 position in individual producers category position for Year 2008 – By Anthea Yeo

Leadership Achievements:
- 5th position in Top 20 team managers in 1st quarter 2008
- 1st position in Top 20 team managers in 3rd quarter 2008
- Jude Teem promoted to Group Director in December 2008

Other Achievements:
- Featured in Straits Times 26 April 2008 Page S6 on "Real estate job switch saves tattoo artist from going broke"
- Featured in Straits Times 26 April 2010 Life! Full Cover page on "Homing in on 1million"
- Featured on Straits Times Online TV 4 January 2011 Ex-SIA girl earns millions,
- Jude Teem - Awarded Top Lister (29 exclusives within 30days) in 2008
- Anthea Yeo - Received Life Long Learner Award from President Nathan in 2005
Jude Teem: “I joined the property to get away from a low paying job. I fear the days when I have to wait around at the shop for customers. My life was at the mercy of others back then. Even though I have never done sales in my life, even though I am only a “N” level graduate, even though I am already in my 30s, I still yearn for a better life for myself and my loved ones. It is natural that we want everything we desire to be easy and fast. When we work hard for something and stretch and struggle to reach greater heights, it helps us build a stronger foundation. To date, I have clocked in more than a million and not a single cent comes easy. Real estate is a great money-making game and I love the game.”

Anthea Yeo: “In 1999, my career plan was to work towards a getting a CPA after graduating from NTU Accountancy. Being a CPA means specialised skills, respectable occupation and stable income. Yet working in a desk bound environment is not my cup of tea. From being auditor to flight attendant to lecturer, I have not found a career that can satisfy my insatiable desire to achieve for more, make more money, have a better lifestyle, run my own business and retire early. I am glad I took the plunge to become a property agent, even though I have always been resistant towards sales job due to its lack of stability and constant need for sales performance. The real estate industry has given me 10 times more than what I have achieved for the last 10 years of my life. I have never looked back and will never look back.”

Lim Yong Hock, Propnex President:"Jude is the only agent in Propnex history with the fastest promotion record from Associate Realtor in 2006 to Division Director in 2009. Great achievement!!"

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We welcome fellow agents and new agents to join us in our winning strategy. We are constantly on the look out for new team mates who are:
1) Hungry for success
2) Hardworking
3) Committed
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